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Nicotine Vaporization technology has cigar smokers covered with new E Cigars

Now you can get the look and feel of a cigar without the overpowering smell and ash that
comes with smoking them.

Take a look at these amazing E Cigars, we challenge you find the difference!


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Apollo Disposable e-cigar
Electronic cigar

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The Apollo Disposable E-Cigar is perfect for cigar enthusiasts, occasional cigar smokers, or anyone who is looking to try a new type of e-smoking device. It is a larger unit to accommodate a larger battery than most e-cigarettes and to give it that cigar-like feel when using it.  It’s a great choice for anyone looking to branch out!

The Apollo Disposable E-Cigar features:
1. 1300mah battery
2. Up to 1500 puffs
3. Cuban cigar flavor
4. 18mg strength

Note: This can not be exchanged or refunded for safety reason.

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Premium Vapes Electronic Cigar PR701 5

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Product Description

Model: 701-5
# of Batteries: 2
# of Atomizers: 1
# of Cartridges: 5
Cartridge Nicotine Level: 16mg
Flavor: Cubana Cigar Flavor
Charger: Wall (110-240V)
Users Manual: Included

The Electronic Cigar is smoking alternative and nonflammable electronic atomizing device that adopts the advanced microelectronic technology and supercritical physical atomized technology. The liquid in the cartridge contains nicotine, perfumery compound special for cigar and ordinary food additives. It is like smoking an ordinary cigar and operates just like an e-cigarette. The few essential differences between the Electronic cigar and the ordinary cigars/cigarettes are as follows:

  • No tar and other carcinogenic substances or harmful ingredients to human body.
  • No ignition required, hence it does NOT contain any of the 4000+ chemical toxins found in the common cigarette or cigar.
  • Harmless to other people and environment without the danger of second- hand smoking.
  • No possibility to cause fire. It can be used safely in No-smoking places.
  • According to the smoke-quitting procedure that target of quitting smoke can be reached non-painfully within a certain period of time.


Disposable Electronic Cigar – 3 pack

Disposable ecigar 3 pack $89.85 $49.99
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