Don’t Let Used Cars, AutoSales & Automotive Guys Steal Your Hard Earned Money!

Buy Here Pay Here lots see you coming a mile a way and will make you pay thousands more than the car is worth! 

We know you’ve had a rough go of it.  Tough times hurt us all at one time or another.  But you are ready now to get back on your feet.   You just need a car to get there.  That doesn’t mean you have to settle for paying way too much for a car!

We can help!  Due to current interest rates companies are actually fighting over the opportunity to get you a loan for your car, truck, or SUV!  One simple form, just 5 minutes of your time, will get you up to five loan offers from leading companies across the country

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The Buy Here Pay Here Scam!

Here’s how it works.  You need a car but your credit won’t get you a loan from a traditional bank.  Something that affects millions of Americans every day SO DON’T FEEL GUILTY! Fact is the deck is stacked against you almost from birth.  But what do you do?  

There are car dealerships in your town that say they can help you.  You just finance your car through them, aren’t they generous!  

NOPE what they do is set you up on a weekly payment schedule that will have you spending thousands more than the car is actually worth and if you miss a payment BOOM they reposess your car and sell it to the next guy who thinks they have no choice!  They continue to make money and you’re hit with a reposession notice on your credit.  How are you every supposed to get ahead if there are people like this pushing you back!

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We Can Help You!

Car dealers everywhere hate people who don’t finance through them.  Why? Because they add MORE interest on to the rate that the banks give them.  So if the bank wants to loan you money at 6% they tack on 3% more to the total.  Your great 6% loan becomes a burdensome 9%!

Do the smart thing get your financing before you walk in to the dealership!

Our short form will take you just 5 minutes and we’ll send your info to up to 5 companies who will bend over backward to get you a loan for your new car, truck, or SUV.  IT COSTS YOU NOTHING!

After you’ve filled out the form don’t forget to download our 80+ page buying guide.  It will help you negotiate your deal help you sell your existing car and basically keep you from being screwed by the scheisters at the dealership!

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